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The hidden forces behind
the 35,000 decisions we make every day

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What is this book about?

35 thousand

Thirty five thousand. That is the average number of decisions a person makes every day. That is almost one decision every 2 seconds. It's a lot of decisions. These decisions are small, big, impactful, irrelevant, conscious and unconscious. What to eat, what to wear, what way should I take to work, what university should I apply to, who should I date?

We are irrational

Most of decisions are influenced by irrational factors, there are tens of unconscious biases which help us understand what influences decisions. The profound knowledge of these biases makes it possible to create little interventions on the environment where decisions are made that influence people to decide one way or another. Each intervention is called a Nudge.

The 2 questions

This book explores 2 questions:
1. Do Behavioral Science principles from the physical world also apply to the digital world?
2. If so, how can we link and create a parallel between Behavioral Science knowledge in the physical world to the digital one?

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